Rasul Sallman

Personal Life & Relationship Coach

Helping People To Succeed In Relationships And In Life

Personal development consultant/mentor

You don’t know what to do with your life or you feel unsatisfied with some aspects of it?  

Relationship Coach

Learn attraction techniques to become irresistible to the opposite sex!

Personal Development Consultant/Mentor

If you feel unsatisfied with any area of your life and want to do positive changes, let me be your consultant/mentor!

Relationship/Dating Coach

I think we have a lot of misconceptions of how attraction really works. What most people do is to chase which projects low value, something that is unattractive. I think what you really need to succeed in relationships is the attraction skills and the right mindset being a high value individual. As a high value, you don’t chase, you attract! You don’t need money, special beauty or a high education to succeed in relationships. Even if you have these, if you do not know the art of attraction, you will not get results.  Start to build successful relationships based on love and attraction, avoiding emotional pain and early divorces!

About Me

I think what we really need in today’s society is not more psychologists, but more coaches! The kind of coach who has the skills to teach, inspire and motivate. Psychologists have formal education but not necessarily own life experiences in what they tell you . I have personally gone through difficult times in my life including war and conflicts in Iraq, emigration and I spent 10 years as an asylum seeker abroad. I left my home country when I was 16 years old and emigrated to Sweden where I now live.

One thing that kept me going was that I always wanted to learn, to become the best version of myself and fulfil my dreams! I truly believe in the human potential, that every individual is engineered for success which allows him/her to create and live the kind of life that he/she desires.

Let Me Have The Honor To Be Your Next Coach!